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I.           INTRODUCTION:

l          Twin Roll is available

l          Tunneling resistance is good

l          High solid content and good dry conditions

l          No discoloration of paper

l          Discoloration of ink color is hard to be caused; Using part of Rhodamine Ink and Dyestuff Ink may result in discoloration

l          PP (treated) / PVC / PET (treated) FILM are available

l          Good adhesion for Gold and Silver Ink

l          WB-01 SERIES is a self-crosslinking emulsion (if it is necessary, 2-3 parts of UX-600 hardner based on 100 parts of WB-01 SERIES can be added)



1.          Appearance                                                               White emulsion

2.          Main Ingredient                                                          Acrylic polymer

3.          Non-Volatile (%)                                                     > 50.0 % (Electrical Oven; 120°C/2hr)

4.          pH Value                                                                    7.0 ± 0.5

5.          Viscosity at 25°C                                                   16 ± 3 sec (Ford #4 Cup; 25±2°C)

120 ± 40 cps (Brook-Field LV-2; #2; 20rpm; 25±5°C)

6.          Dilution (Washing)                                                    Any ratio of water



1.         120 KGS high impact PE drum (Resin)

2.         1000 KGS PE drum with metal flame


A.         Process                                     Check point

Roller Pick-up Glue                                      Gum-up / Wetting

Transfer Glue to BOPP Film.                      Surface Tension / Wetting

Drying                                                            Coating Speed / Transparency Film

Roller Squeeze Lamination                        Wetting / Tackiness

Cutting / Collecting                                       Air Blowing Separation

Green Peeling Strength

Peeling Strength


B.      Caution For Use

1.          Roller Streaks

Please follow as below when Twin Roll caused the roller streaks;

a)       Please quicken the revolution of Scrater Roll as much as possible.

b)       Please slow down the Applicator Roll’s revolution a little if the roll stripped pattern still appears after trying the above way.

2.          Dry Conditions

Please judge the conditions by transparency out of the drier.

Bad dry conditions may cause opacity.

3.          Wrinkle

In case of wrinkle happened, please float the Guide Roll in front of Lami-Roll.

4.          A Lid of Tank

Please keep putting the lid on a tank.

No lidding may cause the skinning on the surface of adhesive.



A.       Cleaning ROLL & BAN

Please lower the BAN and wash with a little water after washing.

Please wipe the surface of roll with thinner after water washing.

B.      Tank

1.       It is possible to leave the tank with lid.

2.       Please check viscosity before reuse.

3.       Please eliminate the part of solid if the skinning appears on the surface.

4.       Pay attention not to mix skin film, which cause streaks during coating.

5.       Pot will be comparatively long after blending hardener therefore, it is possible to use for almost one week.


V.         SAFETY:

l          All relevant data have been brought up-to-date in the Material Safety Data Sheet for Gelex WB-01 SERIES.


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